What is Local Schema Markup Code and How to Use it for Local SEO

Schema markup is a code that you can use to mark certain elements of your website to make them easier for search engines to understand.

Both types of markup are beneficial for getting rich results in Google Search, but rich LocalBusiness results are especially valuable for local SEO.

If you have a local business or multiple locations, the main schema you should focus on is the Local Business schema and some of the more informative ones. In this article, we'll explain exactly what you need to know to easily implement schema markup and how it can help improve your local SEO strategy. Annotations in blogs and blog posts are usually related to the local business through the “about”, “editor” or “sourceOrganization” properties. For example, this can help connect a publication on local market trends with the local real estate agent.

You may be wondering how local business schema markup differs from general schema markup and what advantages it offers your local business customers.

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Leann Degeest

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