What is Local Business Schema and How to Use It

Local business schema is a type of structured data markup that helps search engines understand the information on your website. It provides information about the type of business, its location, contact details, and other relevant information. This helps search engines to better understand your website and rank it higher in local search results. Examples of local business types that can be marked up with local business schema include restaurants, private branches of a chain of restaurants, banks, doctor's offices, clubs, bowling alleys, and many more.

By using local business schema, you can ensure that Google has all the information it needs to position your website higher in the search results for local businesses. Local businesses such as lawyers, doctors, home builders, plumbers and restaurants can benefit from using local business schema to improve their local rankings and achieve better results in organic search. To get started with local business schema, you can follow this guide which includes examples and proven templates to increase visibility in organic results and the local package of 3.

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